Free Pioneer Covered Wagon Pattern

Happy Pioneer Day! We have a gift for you. Your free pioneer covered wagon pattern. July 24th was always a fun day for me growing up. We got another night fireworks and another parade, because you know the 4th of July fireworks are never enough. There was pioneer activities: dressing up like pioneers, pulling handcarts, making homemade butter, learning pioneer games. It was a fun day learning about history.

Pioneer Day is not a holiday you’re going to find lots of decorations for in stores. So, unless you love pioneer antiques or replicas. Which I do! I don’t have many, but its fun to remember my family history. But wait – some of those things are out year round so never mind. So, if you just like to decorate for all holidays, which I like to do too! Try making something new for Pioneer Day.

Supplies You Will Need

Cotton tea towel – You can find towels at you local craft store or try online stores.
Scraps of desired fabric for applique
Fusible webbing (not an affiliate link) Matching thread
Applique pressing sheet (not an affiliate link)

Applique Instructions

Trace all pieces to the paper side of fusible web leaving adequate space around them for cutting. According to the manufacturer’s directions, iron each traced pattern on the wrong side of your desired fabric, paper side up. Let cool. Then cut pieces on tracing lines. Place an applique pressing sheet over the layout pattern to press together the applique. Then find the center and bottom placement on tea towel. Next press prepared pattern in place on the towel. Stitch to towel using your favorite method. Lastly embroider all embroidery lines.

I hope you enjoy!


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