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Mary Ellen

I am the crazy mother that started, at least this trio of crazies, on the path of crafting, sewing, painting, quilting, etc..  My mother, who is eighty-one years old still says,” you don’t have to be crazy to live in this family, but it sure helps”. I learned my love of sewing and quilting from her.  I learned to sew when I was about ten years old and have been loving it ever since.  Over the years necessity and the family budget being a strong influence I learned how to create and make a vast variety of just about everything.


I was more interested in ballet than in learning to sew, but mom insisted I at least learn. My love of quilting and crafting came later in life. Now that I’m a wife and mother I’m very grateful for those early lessons. I love to create beautiful things for my home. My husband, David, often wonders what I am going to do next when he finds me bent over my cutting board with a stack of fabric, but he always likes the out come- at least I hope he does.

Mary Catherine

After learning and finishing my first quilt, I moved beyond sewing to other realms.  I focused on my education and voice lessons.  I always loved the idea of sewing but did not take the time to do it or really appreciate it as an art.  As a wife and mom I have become very appreciative of the art my mother taught me.  Patrick, my husband, is always impressed by my creations and grateful for my talents.  He thinks I’m a little crazy when I get excited over a new piece of fabric, but as my grandmother said, “You don’t have to be crazy to live in this family, but it
sure helps.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing about yourselves! I am so grateful that I found you! I grew up sewing with my Mom and Grandma. They taught me everything from how to can to how to sew. For me, it makes a house a home. I imagine that if you look closely at my first name, we probably have something else in common (smile). Thank you for your wonderful ideas, I look forward to learning a lot more from you! May God Bless you and your families!

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