oat meal cake 2

Oatmeal Cake

“Oatmeal Cake” is a treat from my childhood. It is one of those old recipes of my mothers that came from who knows where. It really isn’t the most beautiful cake to look at but the taste makes up for it.  It is moist with a light crust that tops an almost caramel layer. It […]

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OC sandwiches 2

Oatmeal-Carrot Sandwich Cookies

I am a cookie monster, no question. I don’t make a lot of  sandwich cookies for the simple reason that I know  I shouldn’t eat as many. Two at a time? This recipe is fun, tasty and full of healthy ingredients.

zitti 4

Pizza Baked Zitti

  We love Pizza and Baked Zitti so imagine how yummy this combination recipe must taste. That’s right, it tastes delicious!

easy cupcakes 3

Easy Vanilla Cupcakes

I was in one of those use up the ingredients in the refrigerator moods and found sour cream. I thought cupcakes sounded good so I went to my “White Cupcakes” recipe and found out I had remembered wrong, it called for buttermilk. I had my mind set on cupcakes so this recipe is the result. […]

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Favorite Recipes

yellow cake

“Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting” is sort of a family tradition.  It was usually the cake of choice when our son Robert was asked what kind he wanted. Mom’s was always a cake mix, but I am a failure with cake mixes. This recipe however always works for me. Growing up it wasn’t Sunday dinner […]

chicken fingers 3 634

Chicken is a mainstay in our diet. The continual question is “What shall we do with it tonight?”. This recipe is one of those that can be tweaked a little and be different every time you make it.     We don’t like to fry food, but liked the baked crispiness of this recipe. We have […]

chic juar 5

When we celebrate birthdays in our family the birthday person gets to choose the main dish for their special dinner. Mary Catherine just celebrated her birthday  and her favorite is “Chicken Juarez”. I think she chooses this every year.  It is a recipe we adapted from an old Junior League Cookbook years ago.

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4th of July


I’m Bored Jar

  “Mom, I’m bored.”  Has anyone  heard this yet this week? I’ve been hearing it for two weeks now, thus was born the I’m Bored Jar  We are not just on Thanksgiving break at my house. We go to year round school, which means we have most of November off. I really do love this […]


USA Blocks

Every year when the 4th of July rolls around I see great decorations to make or purchase and I always wish I had made something or bought one.  This year in my quest to use up thing laying around the house and the garage I made these “USA Blocks”  for a little festive decor for […]



  A number of  years ago we took our children on a trip to Washington D.C.  for the 4th of July.  We had the opportunity to see the fireworks on the Mall with the “1812 Overture” playing in the background.  I love the  colors of our flag and ever since then, at this time of […]

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