trailer cushions 2

DIY: Recovered Trailer Cushions

I love a challenge! I have a co-worker who purchased and older camping trailer. Her and her husband decided that it was a little out dated for their tastes so they decided to redecorate. They had a quote to recover the cushions and choked at the price.  I choked at the price.  She knows that I […]

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Dutch oven potatoes

Dutch Oven Cheese Potatoes

I really look forward to camping food… because as you know this family loves food. Dutch Oven cooking is still new to me but I’ve already found a favorite recipe – Dutch Oven Cheese Potatoes. These potatoes always seen to taste even better when camping.

T meatballs

Teriyaki Meatballs

On the first Sunday of each month we have all of our children to dinner. Each one of them definitely has their favorite that are certain repeats throughout the year, but we try to have a variety as well. Sometimes it’s just a variation on a theme. Like “Teriyaki Meatballs”.  

corn salad 2

Fresh Corn Salad

Isn’t it fun when you leave your comfort zone of your home, town, family circle even state and find something new. We recently went to my husband’s niece’s wedding. We haven’t really seen her since she was a young teenager so we were not familiar with her tastes or interests.  At the luncheon they served […]

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Favorite Recipes

Camping Nachos at

  Camping Nachos sounded really good when we were planning our meals for a camping trip. I just wasn’t sure how to make nachos on a camping stove. It really isn’t hard.

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches at

I’ve had French Dip Sandwiches quite a few times in my life and they were all pretty good. But the best French Dip Sandwich I ever had was in the hospital after my son was born. I know – hospital food? Most people lump hospital food in the same awful category as school lunch. Hospital […]

Taco Salad 1

How are your new years resolutions going? I, as always, set the goal to get healthy. I started training to run a 10K in September and then I hurt my back. I was down. I was hurt. The training stopped. The healthy eating went out the window. Its been its been 4 months. I’m finally […]

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wood frame 9

DIY: Layered Frame

I saw a version of this layered framing idea in a gift shop sometime ago and thought it would be a fun way to frame a cute photo of Margaret’s children that I took while camping last summer.

hands feature

Frames & Memories

For Christmas last year, (shows how slow I am at getting projects completed), Mary Catherine gave us adorable salt dough hand prints of her children.

Toy Bags - Make clean up time fun and easy.

Toy Bags

Make clean up fun and easy.

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