cc chicken salad 2

Chinese Chicken Salad

We have been fans of the “American Test Kitchen” for many years.  In the last month or so my husband purchased one of their cook books.  He has been cooking up a storm.  Their “CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD” is a delightful change as well as pretty to look at.      

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Snickerdoodle bars 1

Snickerdoodle Bars

  When I was a young mother with 4 kids running around the house I almost always had cookies in the cookie jar. Not only for the children, I am the biggest cookie monster of them all.  Sometimes there wasn’t time to cook 4 dozen cookies a dozen at a time.  My mother had a […]

witch wall 1e

Halloween is Here…

Halloween is here and going strong at our Etsy Shop. Here is a look at what’s new this Halloween.             For details on these items as well as others visit our Etsy Shop.

fire starter 1

Fire Starters-Which ones really works?

We like to go camping as a family and we love to have camp fires.  We have a couple of fire bugs who have fun starting them different ways, paper. no paper, matches, no matches.  After our first camping trip we decided to make and try using “Fire Starters” .  We researched different kinds from […]

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Favorite Recipes

oatmeal molasses 3

Last week I came home from work to find that my husband had been cooking up a storm.  The house smelled divine.  I looked and found he had made rolls and bread.  I said “You never make bread”.  His reply was ” I know.” He wanted to try a new kind of bread.  What he […]

Beef Kabobs 4

My husband and I have decided it’s time to change our eating habits to be a bit healthier.  This includes watching our portion sizes and making sure we eat enough fruit and vegetables. To help us with this we started a running program that included an eating plan.  The meal plan is helpful, but does […]

Sweet n'sour chicken2

I found this recipe on my search for camping recipes. We tossed it as a camping recipe – too many ingredients to take camping. But it’s a keeper at home. My kids seriously polished their plates and asked for more. Big Points for Mom! I love to see them eat good food even if it’s […]

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Favorites of 2013

Our blog is not yet a year old, but 2013 has been a great year. We’ve learned so much and had a lot of fun. We started this blog not really knowing what to expect, but we never dreamed we’d be doing so well. Thank you to all our readers.  If you are new or […]


Halloween in Wonderland

We had a Trunk-r-Treat the other night at our church. I decorated the trunk this year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and I finally got around to it this year. You might be asking yourselves, “why Alice in Wonderland?” It was my daughters idea. She recently rediscovered the movie and has been […]


Graveyard Cake

  For many year my husband and I have been gathering recipes that we liked from magazines, newspapers, friends and anywhere else we could find them.  We would make some quickly and others got put in a file for later.  After the file got out of control we put them in a binder after sorting […]

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