Choc Choc chip

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone has a food that is hard to resist. Mine is cookies. It doesn’t really matter what kind I love them. The problem is that I can’t usually stop with just one, and this “Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe is no different. It has two of my favorite ingredients, CHOCOLATE and NUTS. Oh,ya!! They have cake […]

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sweet hearts 2

What’s New at Etsy and Craftsy

We have added a beautiful new pattern in our Etsy and Craftsy stores. “Sweets Hearts Table Runner” Just in time for Valentine’s or any day. Simple to make and the perfect weekend project. Visit our shops to see this and other quilted projects.

b pudding 2

Bread Pudding With Pecan Topping

When I was growing up my mother made a recipe called “Crumb Pudding” and I always thought it was the same as “Bread Pudding”.  I was way wrong!  Totally different.  Don’t get me wrong Crumb Pudding is wonderful and I will have to post it another time.  I wanted to make Bread Pudding and see […]

quiche 2

Breakfast Quiche

Something we love but don’t make very often is “Quiche”. Sometimes we make it for dinner but our favorite meal to eat it is for breakfast, thus “Breakfast Quiche”.

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Favorite Recipes


One of the thing many things I like about winter is when your cooking, things seem to smell more wonderful when it’s cold than when it’s hot outside. “Hot Mulled Cider” is one of those wonderful smells that makes you warm all over. It is simple to make and ready in no time. 2 quarts […]


Garlic Bread is a super easy side dish! Have you ever noticed that some meals just call for garlic bread?  Pizza Spaghetti Stew Lasagna Salad Fettuccine Alfredo Grilled Chicken There are so many these are just a few of my favorites. And just like the number of meals garlic bread goes well with, there are […]


There is nothing quit like the smell of a turkey roasting in the oven. This time of year with the holidays it seems to have an extra good smell. I think it is part of the ambiance of the season. This recipe has been developed over several years continually trying to perfect it. This year […]

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Valentine’s Day


Hanging Valentine

I wanted to make a fun, easy Valentine to hold goodies . I thought it would be fun to have it be a hanging Valentine. That way after the goodies are eaten it can be used for decoration. I had some felt left over from a Christmas project so I didn’t even have to go […]


Show and Tell Saturday {Valentine’s Day Quilt}

Valentine’s Day Heart Quilt I love to quilt! And I have a goal to have at least one wall hanging for every holiday. I don’t think my goal is going to accomplished anytime soon, because I’m very easily distracted with lots of other fun, creative projects. Oh ya, and my kids think they need mommy […]


Valentine’s Day Heart Banner

I like Valentine’s Day. Red, Pink, Hearts, Love, and Chocolate! It’s the best. My husband doesn’t agree however. He is really quite miffed that his birthday lands in the “pink” month as he calls it.  I just remind him he has a wife and two daughters, he needs to get over his fear of pink.  […]

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