Easy to make Apron and Hot Pads

I love to make gifts. I like to work with the 100% cotton kitchen towels that you can purchase at your local craft store.  The fabric is heavy and durable. It is less expensive than buying fabric (if you can even find any as heavy) especially if you can get them on sale. I purchased my towels on sale for $2.25 each and I made an apron and 3 hot pads for $9.00 plus the batting which I always buy on sale and have on hand. They make great gifts for a bridal shower, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, and yes, even Father’s Day or for yourself because yours are worn out.

Here is how you can make your inexpensive gift set.


2 plaid or patterned cotton kitchen towels
2 contrasting or solid cotton kitchen towels
Matching thread
Cotton batting

1. Take your plaid towel and unpick all hems.

2.To make the top of the apron, fold towel in half lengthwise and cut a quarter oval piece about 7 3/4 ” X 8 1/2″ off one end. Not the folded edge.
3. After unpicking 1 lengthwise hem and both ends of your contrast towel, cutting lengthwise, using the  hemmed edge cut 1- 6″ X length of towel, cut 4 – 1 1/2″ X length of towel and 2 – 2 3/4″ X 12″ pieces.

4. Using the top of the apron as a guide cut the 2 – 2 3/4″ pieces the same size and angle if there is any. This is the top and facing.

5. Press down 1 end and the sides of the 4 – 1 1/2″ strips. Fold and press in half lengthwise and top stitch along ironed edges. These are the ties.

6. With right sides together, pin 2 finished tie pieces about 1/4″ from the sides in between the top and facing pieces (on the narrows side if yours has a taper). Sew together securing the ties using 1/4″ seam. Clip corners, turn and press. Set aside.

7. Using the raw edge of  the 6″ contrasting piece to the bottom of the apron. Press seam toward plaid and top stitch.

  8. Roll hem 1/4″ hem along the curves on both sides of apron.

9. With right sides together sew the top to the hemmed apron to the prepared top and ties.  Press down a 1/4″ on the top facing and top stitch to close.


10. Pin the last 2 ties just below the hemmed edge on each side of your apron about 1/2″ from side.  Roll hem 1/4″ securing the tie in the hem.

11.  Flip the tie to the outside and secure it again by top stitching close to edge.

Now your beautiful apron is finished. On to the hot pads.

Fold both towels in half lengthwise and from one end of each cut an 8″ square.  You should have 2 plaid and 2 contrast squares.  Fold the remaining pieces in half on the bias and cut on the fold. From one half cut into 1 3/4″ bias strips and the other half cut an 8″ square from each.  Cut 3 – 8″ squares of batting for each hot pad. (9 total) Sandwich 3 batting squares in between two fabric squares. I made one green, one plaid and one combo. Machine quilt together using whatever pattern you choose.  Sew the bias strips together and using 1/4″ seam sew the binding around the hot pad starting at one corner and slightly curving as you go around the others. Sew just to the starting edge seam and leave about a 7″ tail.

Fold about a 1/4″ and the fold again and pin around hot pad. When you get the last edge fold and press 1/4″ along the tail.

Top stitch the edges of the tail together and continue around the hot pad using a straight stitch or decorative stitch. As you approach the tail edge again make a loop with the tail and stitch to secure.

Your hot pad is complete. Complete the other 2 the same way.

Happy Sewing!
Mary Ellen

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  1. I really like these they are very nice! I’m always needing pot holders looks like a fun and easy project and like you said great for gifts. I found you from the T.G.I.F. Link up. I’ll be following. Thanks April

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