What is in your Fridge, Freezer or Cupboard?

Never under estimate what you have in the refrigerator, freezer or cupboard?

This evening as my husband and I were running off to yet another store, Home Depot (what a surprise) John says ” pizza sounds good, but I have been resisting”. I thought that it sounded really good too. We have been trying to loose some weight so pizza hasn’t been in our meal plan for a while. I remembered that we had a package of whole wheat “Thinwich’s” in the freezer as well as some pizza mix cheese. He remembered a bottle of chunky spaghetti sauce in the cupboard and turkey pepperoni in the freezer. 
We could make small pizzas that were healthy and take care of our craving. We took things out of the freezer to thaw while we were gone.
We warmed the wheat round,s spread on the sauce sprinkled on small amounts of cheese placed about 5 pieces of pepperoni and sprinkled a little more cheese on top. Baked them until the cheese melted and toasted a little. Served it with a green salad and had a great meal without spending any money. 
 Go figure it was healthy.
I love the go to the cupboard, fridge or freezer meals. It makes us use the imagination and sometimes the best recipes emerge because they are made from thing we already love.

Mary Ellen

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3 thoughts on “What is in your Fridge, Freezer or Cupboard?

  1. Do I really have to tell you what I have on my freezer lol…scared to look!..just kidding, perhaps I should have a couple of healthy treats like yours! Thank you for sharing your hubs and yours yummy creation…seems like he likes to be in the kitchen too! Awesome! Lizy your Fluster Buster Co host

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