Family Treasure

Some time ago my mother-in-law gave me a couple of doilies that she had found amongst some old thing of my husbands paternal grandmothers. We don’t know if she made them or not but we don’t have a lot of things that belong to her so that makes them a “Treasure”.
We were sorting out some boxes from our many remodel projects and found the doilies. I decided to preserve one by framing it and hang it with our other family treasures.
This is the doily  I picked
I am a great one for trying to use up the extras I have hiding in my house.
I looked a box of frames in the closet and found one to fit nicely around the doily.
I doesn’t really do much for me this color, so out comes the spray paint.
Much better.
I new I had a bag of silk velvet scraps and chose the bright pink.  It helped that it was big enough to cover the cardboard that went in the frame.  I ironed and starched the doily and centered it on the now velvet covered cardboard.  The hardest part of the whole project was keeping it centered. The nap of the velvet is slippery.  I put pins in the card board and took a tiny stitch here and there to hold it in place.
So here is the finished project.
I love making something out of nothing.  Go through your stash, it’s fun.
Mary Ellen

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