Cabinet Renewed

Over the past year and a half we have been remodeling our kitchen.  
Part of this process has been to re-purpose as much as possible. 
We did away with the microwave above the stove as well as the cabinet. 
The microwave was replaced elsewhere in the kitchen but the cabinet has been sitting in the garage for about a year waiting for its new life.  

Well it happened, it has been “Renewed“.

This is how it began.  Just your ordinary cabinet. 

 Use  a de-glosser  to take off the finish.

Take off the hardware.  We added some left over Beadboard to the door panels and a small decorative molding around the bottom it already has a new personality. 
(molding isn’t seen in this photo)

(You can see the molding in this photo).  

Then comes my old friend spray paint.

Reattach the hardware and doors and you have a great reusable cabinet 
with a whole new personality.

It’s new home is the master bedroom water closet.  It had no life at all or storage space for that matter.  It now houses extra bath tissue and other bathroom items. 

 Next comes something for the bare wall between it and the toilet.  

White and boring, but that will change.

Mary Ellen

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