De-Seed Watermelon – No More Seeds

Watermelon is my favorite fruit!
I don’t like a lot for fruits or vegetables but the ones a do like I really like. Watermelon just happens to be at the very tip top of the list. Now that you know of my love for watermelon let me ask – am I the only one that misses “seeded” watermelon? 

Seedless watermelon is great but I think the two watermelons have a different flavor and I like seeded better.
How many of you like seedless better because you hate eating around the seeds?
If that is the case – your worries are all over – I’m going to show you how to cut a seeded watermelon.  It is so easy. A good neighbor showed me how to do this years ago and it is so cool. 
I found seeded watermelon at my store the other day and I was so excited. I spent a little extra time picking one out. I did pretty good. It was very yummy.
Here is how you cut a watermelon.
Slice off the very end
Slice about a 3″ slice
Cut in half

Cut off the rind
Cut wedge in to 3rds

Do you see the lines where the seeds are? Good.

Now just cut on the seed line and remove the seeds.

Leave in strips or

Cut in to bite size pieces.  See I told you it was easy.

I hope you enjoy. We did!
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