Chinese Chicken Salad

We have been fans of the “American Test Kitchen” for many years.  In the last month or so my husband purchased one of their cook books.  He has been cooking up a storm.  Their “CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD” is a delightful change as well as pretty to look at.


Chinese Chicken Salad at





Chinese Chicken Salad at


We loved the addition of  Romaine lettuce and red peppers to the traditional cabbage base. Our son-in-law loved the sweet and citrus that the orange slices added to the taste. The recipe called for dry-roasted peanuts, but we are great lovers of cashews so we made that one change to the original recipe.  Their method of cooking the chicken is amazing.  It makes it tender, moist and very easy to shred. This will certainly be made and eaten again at our house.

The link to the American Test Kitchen gives you the opportunity for a free trial period to over 1000 recipes. (this is not a paid endorsement)

Have fun!




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