Our Great, Heavy Duty Fire Pit

This Summer John and I attended a small backyard wedding and admired their fire pit. As a result we decided to build one for our backyard. The big question was how big and where to put Our Great Heavy Duty Fire Pit?

Our city’s safety rules helped us find the best spot also taking care of the size issue. We kept thinking a little big for our small yard. We found the best place was just off the patio. A good central place and it extended our patio space. Good-by overgrown flower bed.

The decision to purchase an insert turned out to be one of our best. We searched the internet and found a very broad variety. The great two level insert we found made it possible to cook over the fire. It can have a fire as well as charcoal briquettes. Finding the right size and color bricks was our next challenge. Home Depot here we come.

Our backyard is really rocky so digging down enough inches to make the base was a very hard job. After a lot of hard work, mission accomplished.

The hardest step was getting the base layer level. The rest was easy after that.

Now comes the decorative part. Another trip to Home Depot . More bricks. I have to admit the trips from the car to the backyard carrying bricks and so forth gave our legs a good workout.

Place the insert. Then pour in the bags of lava rock. In the bottom and outside between the insert and brick structure.

Another trip to Home Depot. This time more rocks and sand.

As a result of two weekends time and hard work, we have our great heavy duty fire pit.

Our goal was to have it ready for Halloween night for a fun outdoor party with the grand kids. Finished early. Cooked burgers and hotdogs two days before goal.

It’ a lot of fun!

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