Not Real Cannoli

My husband and I decided this year to make some of our family dinners country themed. Our first one was French which was delicious. A couple of months later we made it Italian. Lets have cannoli for dessert. I always liked Cannoli. I thought it might be fun to make some but I don’t do the fried food thing at home. So I came up with way to make something that looks similar but “Not Real Cannoli”.

My family loves Pizzelle’s and I do have a Pizzelle maker. So that became my shell. Next step how to shape the shells? Being a true novice I wondered what I could use to shape them. Surely there is something I could purchase. But where during COVID-19? Thank goodness for Amazon I found the needed molds.

They were very fun to make. As soon as the pizzelle was cooked I quickly rolled them onto the molds and Tada, “Not Real Cannoli” shells.

I made a cream cheese and confectioner sugar filling that in end was way to rich. Filled the shells from both ends using a pastry tube.

These kind of shells a little brittle so I had to be very careful while filling. Then drizzled with melted chocolate. They were a great addition to our Italian themed dinner.

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