Show and Tell Saturday #9

When we tore apart our kitchen most of the cabinets that were removed were to be reused again in the remodel, but some were set aside in the garage to think about for a while.  We are not known for our ability to save things just the opposite we are great thrower awayers, but somethings are worthy of keeping around for possible re-purposing.  This project was one of those.  
In Mary Catherine’s house above her kitchen sink was a very empty boring wall.  There were cabinets on each side but no cabinet or shelf across the top to tie them together.  She was watching a T.V. program one evening and saw what she wanted in that space, a  

The plate rack would give her much needed extra cupboard space in her small kitchen.
She asked her dad if  he could build one and the rest is history. 
The cabinet that had been over the refrigerator was the perfect size to fit in between her cabinets.  The cost was minimal a few dowels and stain were the only things that were not already in our garage.  We chose the two tone look to tie in with her oak colored cabinet and her black appliances.  It looks great and it also gave her a continuous space along the top of the cabinets to decorate.
I love being able to make something useful out of scraps and to re-purpose old 
items that are still in good shape.
Mary Ellen 
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