I was never going to sew or craft!

I was never going to sew or craft!

My parents owned a craft business when I was growing up, so I was surrounded by fabric, wood, paint, and hot glue. I became quite the pro with the glue gun. I remember burning my finger tips so often that I would joking say to my mom, “I hope I never have to learn braille.” By the time I graduated high school I never wanted to see another craft show. It was the summer after high school graduation mom taught me to quilt. I was board and didn’t have a job. I can’t think of any other reason I would have considered using the sewing machine for fun. Mom assured me quilting was much different than mass craft sewing – and she was right. I made my first quilt, a Nine Patch made from fabric out of my Grandma’s stash. I even hand quilted it – with the help of my very talented mom. I was hooked to quilting. It has been many years since that first quilt. I still quilt. I even sew for my home and family, but what surprises me most – I like crafts shows.


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