I Love Spray Paint

Spray paint has become one of my new best friends. Last summer during our neighborhood yard sale I found a great curio, but the color was that “Blonde” color from the 40’s and 50’s. Not that I have anything against the 40’s and 50’s, I love antiques, the color is just not me. Upon seeing it my husband and I both agreed that it would be perfect “Shabby-Chic”. So off tho Home Depot to by spray paint, antique white.  I love the Rust-0leum brand they have lots of colors and options, gloss, satin, flat. etc.. First, I cleaned it up with soap and water, then came the deglosser to remove the finish.  Now, out came the spray paint.  Several light coats and a little light sanding on the edges I have a new home for my “Madame Alexander” doll collection.

Mary Ellen

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