Quilting Adventures 2

Just after my daughter was born the quilt group we go to made me some adorable blocks to be made into a little quilt.  Well, it has been two years and I have finally finished the quilt.  I chose to use it as my first official quilting project, not just practice squares anymore.  I found some fleece in my stash to use for a back and got to it.  I was too self conscious to just go without a guide or direction so I drew pretty much everything I was going to quilt.  I found that after a while, I would get impatient with myself, thinking it should be going faster.  I have lots of mistakes that could be picked out and fixed, but I don’t have the patience to pick it out. In the end I was pleased and thought it turned out really well for my first project.

As the quilt is for Savannah, I put her name on it!

I did not want to stipple the entire quilt, in fact I only stippled one block.  I do like how it turned out though, I may use more of this technique on future projects.

I got a little carried away with the hearts though… they are all over the quilt.

In the end, a successful adventure.  Now on to the next project, so I can quilt it too.

Mary Catherine

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