Reusable Grocery Bags

I would not consider myself a very green person most of the time.  I try to recycle and use reusable things, but I am not always that good at it.  I did succeed at being a cloth diapering mom for quite a while, then work got in the way.  There is one area that I do tend to be green, when I shop for groceries (as long as I don’t forget the bags at home).  I had purchased a few reusable bags from our local Winco and collected a few more from other places but they just did not hold up to my crazy bag filling.  I decided to make my own and I hit Google for some ideas.

Thanks to Wendy at Wisdom of the Moon for her great tutorial on making simple reusable grocery bags, I now have bags that can withstand my crazy bag filling ways.

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The tutorial used old sheets while I used some great food fabrics I got from my grandma. I cut a variety of fabrics into strips then sewed them together to make the 18″ x 42″ rectangles (well, they were about that size, I didn’t really plan or measure my strips…).  Then followed the tutorial from there.
I love these bags. They are roomy and strong.  I also tend to get compliments about them as they are so colorful and bright.

Mary Catherine

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