Camp Quilt

 Camp Quilt

 I love the feeling of getting one more item off the stack of unfinished projects, finished. I have had a denim and corduroy quilt top made for, Oh, I don’t know, maybe 3 years.  I just cut 6 1/2″ squares out of old jeans and my scraps or corduroy and randomly sewed them together.  I basted the front and back together around the outside edges and them used my bent safety pins to to hold the center together.  I put it on my trusty Q-Snap quilting frame ( ) and proceeded to tie my new camp quilt.

 I am not a great fan of tying quilts but since it is so heavy and I have chosen to back it with yummy fleece, I did. I didn’t even put any batting in it.  It is queen size and will be perfect for our family camping trip later this summer.

 I don’t have any place big enough to spread it out for a picture so I threw it in the rocking chair, giving it a taste of how it will be treated camping.

Mary Ellen

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