Love Blocks

I have been helping my husband go through and clean the garage. I keep finding wood scraps from our kitchen remodel and I thought, “what can I do with these?”  I like the word art I keep seeing in stores, so I thought I can do that too.

1″ X 3″ X ?” The board I found was probably about 2′ long.
1/4″ dowel
Black spray paint
2 sheets of scrapbook paper
Mod Podge

3- pieces 2 5/8″ X 3″ 
1-8″ X 3″
1-1 /7/8″ X 7 3/4″ base

Cut wood pieces and sand all surfaces. Drill a quarter inch hole in one short end of the 8″ piece, one on the 3″ side of the top piece and a hole on both 3 ” sides of the middle and bottom blocks. Cut 4-1″ pieces of dowel. Center your 8″ and bottom 3″ blocks and carefully mark where the holes are to be drilled in the base. Drill the base holes. Paint black.

Using the block size I used my computer to make a sort of pattern to my letters the size I wanted.

I laid each letter on black scrapbook paper and cut around them.

Put the 3 painted 3″ X 2 5/8″ pieces together using the dowel. Place a dowel in the 8″ piece. The dowel should fit fairly tight.

Cut the second piece of scrapbook paper into 1- 2 3/4″ X 7 7/8″ and 3- 2 5/8″ X 2 3/8″.
Center them on the appropriate blocks.  Each block should have about a 1/4″ boarder of black. Trim if needed. Using a foam brush, brush the block with Mod Podge and lay the cut papers in place and firmly rub.  Lightly brush the letters with the brush and glue them in place.  Let dry. Now Mod Podge over the entire surface sealing the paper to the wood.

 I am making one that says “Home” as well using multicolors.

Insert the dowel into the base and swivel  the letters to you liking.

Have fun.

Mary Ellen

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