Antique Chairs

A number of years ago these antique child sized chairs came into my possession (a very long story) and for years they sat in storage getting dusty and full of cobwebs. About thirteen years ago our family moved to Richland, Washington and in our new house we had a bare two story wall that I thought was impossible to decorate. I decided when we moved that I would find a use for the old chairs.  I remembered seeing chairs displayed in a museum that had molding with pegs along the wall and thought “why not hang them close together and use them like a shelf”. So we cleaned and repaired them and hurray a huge success.
We have since moved to another new house in another state and have a similar room but this time they hang on a half wall that comes down from the ceiling and ends at the dining room edge with a window (another post to come) above it. Thanks to HGTV and a program called Remix my husband and I “Remix” what sits on them every 9- 10 months.
I since found that it is fun to decorate when you forget what items are really for and find a new use for them.
Happy Decorating
Mary Ellen

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