Garage Sale Tips

 I am very new to garage sales. New as in this was only my second summer exploring the world of garage sales. I think it’s a lot of fun. I was able to buy the outside toy and the shelves for under $50. I think I did pretty good. The outside toys were my goal for this summer. I was really hoping to find something for the kids. My husband and I are trying really hard to get out of debt so pretty much all large purchases have been put on hold for a few years. I had heard of people including my parents finding great things at garage sales, so I gave it a try. Here is a few things I learned:

  • Look for the neighborhood garage sales – that way you can see a lot in a small area instead of trying to drive all over town in one morning. Most homeowners wait for their neighborhood sale too.
  • Go early – garage sales are usually advertised from 8am – 3pm, but they are pretty much over by 11. If your looking for something specific like the outside play toys you need to be driving around before 8am.
  • Don’t be afraid to make an offer – I’m really bad at dickering over prices, but some homeowners price expecting you to bargain. If you see something you want but think it’s priced too high, make an offer. The worst they can say is “no.”
  • Take large vehicleTruck– If you anticipate buying something large try to go in a vehicle that is large enough to carry it home. Or you might have to call your brother and beg him to come save you, like I did.
  • Take cash – this is a bit of a given for garage sales. Also, try not to pay for a $1 item with a $20 bill. Homeowners will have change but they’re not a store so try not to take all their change in one swoop.

I still have a lot to learn, but I hope my experiences help you to enjoy garage sales.

Check back to see how the shelves turn out. They are both due for a little sprucing up.

Happy Garage Sale-ing!

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