Keep Kids Busy on Vacation

Its almost vacation time for our family. One of my main tasks in getting ready has been, “what are the kids going to do during down time.” I’ve collected a few things in hopes of keeping my kids happy at the campground. I tried to keep things small so they are easily carried by little people.

  •  new little toy
  • water bottle
  • bubbles
  • color books
  • stickers
  • activity book
  • glow sticks
  • magnets/cookie sheet
  • and a bag to put it all in. 

I’m really excited about my other purchases. I found a Toss and Catch game at Old Navy. Now we have a set to add to Grandma and Grandpa’s game. I’m hoping this will be fun for the whole family.  I also finally bought sewing cards. I’ve been wanting these for a long time. These are made of wood so they should survive camping. I found them on – aren’t Melissa & Doug Toys the greatest.  I hope the kids like my surprise.

We also picked a campground with a playground and pool. Hoping to stave off any boredom. The kids have been a big focus in our planning. We want them to have a good experience on their first camping trip. If the kids are happy  the greater the chance that Mom’s and Dad’s will be happy too.

Happy Vacation!

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