Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I love Thanksgiving.  It gives me that warm feeling inside to start the holiday season. 

I love to gather with family and think about great memories and the things that I’m grateful for. 

I also love to quilt and make something beautiful out of fabric scraps.  I learned this love from my mother who at 82 years of age still pieces together small scraps of fabric to make something beautiful.

She lives in another state and it is hard for her to come to us.  This Thanksgiving we are taking Thanksgiving to her. 

 A couple of months ago I visited her and brought some of her fall colored fabrics home to make a fall quilt and ended up making a table runner instead.  She always wants to know what I am sewing so I decided to take the works, not just dinner but decor as well.

We are going to have about 18 for dinner and it is a very long table, thus a very long runner.  It is about 110″ long.  It was fun to go through and match the beautiful fall colors.  It will make our table festive for the season.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Mary Ellen
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