Favorites of 2013

Our blog is not yet a year old, but 2013 has been a great year. We’ve learned so much and had a lot of fun. We started this blog not really knowing what to expect, but we never dreamed we’d be doing so well. Thank you to all our readers. 
If you are new or not yet following us we would love for you to keep up with our adventure.
Here is our collection of top post for 2013. We hope you enjoy them, again, or for the first time!
Happy New Year!

Easy Camping Food


Mummy Munch

Chocolate Crinkles

Slow Cooker Freezer Meals

Spaghetti – Easier thank Opening a Jar

Wicked Blocks

Lemon Curd Cream Puffs

Black Bean Chicken Soup

Candle Mat or Burner Rug

Cashew Chicken

Be sure to follow use.

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Easy Pizza

Winter Candle Mat

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