The Abbey Bag

I am one of those people who finds a picture or a pattern of fun things and put them in a drawer for a later date.  I usually forget about them.  This was one of those patterns.  
I am trying to go to that drawer more often, there is some good stuff in there.

I was given this pattern a couple of years ago and am just finding out what a wonderful gift it makes for the sewers in your life. 
I made 4 of them for others before I made my self one and I love it. 

It calls for a charm pack but the beautiful thing about it is, that you can use 
fabric from your own stash as well.

It is great on the edge of my cutting table for little scraps, but I like it best right by my sewing machine.  The little pocket holds my small scissors and the bag is a great garbage for my threads.   Of course the pincushion speaks for itself. 

This was one of my projects to help me organize and keep my sewing room cleaner this year.  I wonder if it will work.

Happy Sewing.
Mary Ellen

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