Valentine’s Day Heart Banner

Make your own Valentine Heart Banner. It takes a little work but you can do it.

I like Valentine’s Day. Red, Pink, Hearts, Love, and Chocolate! It’s the best. My husband doesn’t agree however. He is really quite miffed that his birthday lands in the “pink” month as he calls it.  I just remind him he has a wife and two daughters, he needs to get over his fear of pink.

Have you ever wanted to try paper piecing? Or do you already know what to do? Either way these hearts are fun and easy. They are one of the first things I ever paper pieced and they really are very easy.  I wanted to learn, but I didn’t have a pattern. I just started playing on the computer and this is what I came up with.

You could easily apply to any shape or holiday. I had lots of little pieces of Valentine fabric left over from a quilt and Valentine’s Day is coming up so I got to add to my Valentine’s Day Decor.

Project Supplies

  • Fabric scraps for paper piecing
  • Back – 3 pieces at least paper size (8 1/2″x11″)
  • Batting – same size as back
  • Ribbon – cut 2- 4″ pieces and 4 – 10-12″ pieces
  • Heart Paper Piece Pattern

Things to remember

  • After you print your pattern take Heart A and B and cut the heart on the “cut line”.
  • Paper Piece your hearts. There are great instructions here and here.
  • Remember you will need to add 1/4″ seam allowance.

Sewing Instructions

  • Remember the heart outline is the stitch/sew line. So cut your heart out at least 1/4″ larger.
  • Use this shape for your back and batting pattern.
  • Add your ribbons, just like in the Star and Heart Banner.
  • Pin front and back shapes, with right sides together, and the batting on the back.
  • Sew heart on sew line leaving an opening 2-3″ so you can turn your heart.
  • Turn and iron. Don’t burn your fingers.
  • Whip stitch opening closed or pull out your glue gun, either way works great.
  •  Iron again.
  • Quilt if you want to. Hint: if you use hot glue quilting might not be a good idea. Needles don’t like glue.
  • Tie ribbons together.
  • Find a great place to display your hard work!


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