Show and Tell Saturday #2

Apple Wall Hanging

This quilt is hanging in my kitchen. As you can probably guess my kitchen is decorated in apples. My parents gave me the kit and pattern to make this great creation. The pattern is called Apple Cake by Eleanor Burns – Quilt in a Day.
I struggled with this easy quilt. I’m not sure what I did… Well I have a good idea. I tried piecing it with 5 little ones underfoot. I miss a lot of things in between snacks, drinks, diapers and answering questions.
Any way when things didn’t line up correctly I got really frustrated with it and put it away for a few months. When I finally built up my courage to diagnose the problem. I found it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I only had to unpick a little bit. It’s still not perfect but I’m okay with it. Someday I’ll make it again. 
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