Whipped No Powdered Sugar Frosting

There is nothing worse than trying to make frosting only to find you forgot to buy more powdered sugar.  This is the predicament I found myself in a few weeks ago.  I had found a great Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcake recipe, had made them ahead of time so they were cool enough to frost.  I went to make the frosting only to realize, what I thought was a bag of powdered sugar, was a bag of sweet rice flour.  I was devastated.  I did not have the time to go shopping, what was I going to do?  We could have just had cupcakes without frosting, but that seemed wrong.  So, I did what I feel I do best.  I used Google.
Turns out, there are plenty of frosting recipes out there that do not use powdered sugar.  I had no idea!  A whole new world of frosting just opened before my eyes.  I found one at ourbestbites.com.  This is an interesting recipe, it uses a white sauce combined with a creamed butter and sugar mixture.  It looked interesting and I had all the ingredients.  I followed her advice and doubled the recipe to make sure I had enough for all my cupcakes.  I was unsure just how long to cook the white sauce, so I think I did not cook it long enough, my frosting was really soft.  But held its own and everyone loved them!
Mary Catherine
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3 thoughts on “Whipped No Powdered Sugar Frosting

  1. I’ve used a similar recipe before too. I was skeptical about flour in frosting, but it worked! It was softer than powdered sugar, so I need to try it again too and see if that improves. Love the color too!

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