Bedroom Canopy

My bedroom is almost done. The bed canopy is up and beautiful, if I do say so myself.  It’s taking a lot longer than I wanted to get my room finished but, life happens. I really wanted to just go to the furniture store a buy my dream bedroom. But then I would have to hire an architect to remodel my bedroom … well the whole back of my house. Then we would have to find a contractor to actually do the work. And then we would be living in a mess for 3+ months. Oh and did I mention we would have to rob a bank to pay for all this.
I decided to change my dream and keep it simple. I love simple. It’s even better when it turns out looking great!!
When I decided to redecorate or I should say decorated my bedroom I went with Shabby Chic. I wanted a peaceful feel which would include all our treasures. And husband said, “no pink please.” As if I would to that to him.
Anyway back to my bed canopy. I had a blurry vision of what I wanted but I could not find a picture anywhere to help me design it. I’m wasn’t able to describe it correctly either. Like I said, blurry vision. I kept looking and found pictures that almost were what I wanted, so I combined them all and this is what I came up with.
I painted an embroidery hoop.
Threaded 4 window sheers on to hoop.
Tied some white ribbon on.
Bought a ceiling hook and put it up all by myself.
Place 2 large hooks on the sides of the bed to hold back the sheers.
I love how it turned out.
Hope you enjoyed reading!
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52 thoughts on “Bedroom Canopy

  1. Is that a curtain rod in the center with the hooks? Where can I find something like that? Thank you!!!
    Its beautiful!!

  2. Hi there. What or where is Tai Pan? Would love the black fleur de list wall plaque. Is it available in the UK?

  3. Love This! Please tell me what length/width of Curtains you recommend and what size Embroidery Hoop. Thank you! Also, how do I get emails from you? Thanks again!

    1. Length depends on ceiling height and how you want to to look. I ordered sheers from Ikea and kept them the original length. We don’t have a email mailing list yet. You can follow us on Facebook or Etsy.

      1. Hi. Beautiful decor! Which curtains did you purchase from ikea? I see there’s several sheer options but don’t know if they’re any different. Thank you!

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