Kitchen Remodel–Final Phase

At the end of summer it finally happened, we finished our 
“kitchen remodel”. 
Every time I am in it cooking, washing dishes, whatever I can hardly believe it is really mine.

The left pantry cupboard and the wall ovens were a part of phase 2 but with out doors above and below the ovens. Phase 1 was all about the island.
The true final phase was the plate rack and the pull out pantry.

We researched and hunted for the drawers and hardware needed to complete the design the we wanted. Thank you IKEA for having what we needed at a very reasonable price.
 We needed to be able to fill it.
I has been a long time in the making but well worth it. We more than double the space and we didn’t even move a wall, like we have in other parts of our house.
It has been a wonderful transformation that I miss every time I cook in my mother’s condo.
Now we try hard to keep it clutter free all the time. 
Mary Ellen
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