Train Bedroom

My Tyler’s bedroom was the next to get decorated after the Master Bedroom. I made him a train quilt when he first got his big boy bed and he still loves Thomas the train so decided to keep the train theme going. I first thought about making the room very colorful with a train border that looked something like a circus train, but my little boy is growing up fast and I didn’t want to decorate again next year. So, I tried to pick a more grown up train theme.
I think it worked! He loves it!
The wooden train was made by my Grandpa. I love that Tyler has something from his Great-Grandpa.
Instead of adding a border around the room my mom came up with a great idea. Sporadically stencil them around the room. Then turned out great. In the solid color I think it looks less like a baby’s room.
I thought the train track was going to be so hard, but it wasn’t. It took a little time to measure and tape but it went really fast. Even the touch up went fast. I love Blue Painters Tape! I was worried because I have texture walls. If you just spend a little extra time smoothing the tape on it work works great. Oh, and don’t be afraid to use a razor blade to score tape before you take it off.
I could not have done this without my mom’s help. Thanks mom!
The “Railroad Crossing” coat rack is one of my favorite things we did to the room. Again, thanks mom. My kids are so lucky to have such a great Grandma.  I should her a picture of what I wanted and she made it for me. Tyler now has a great place for his coat and backpack.
Tricks we learned:
  1. Put up the child gate to keep the little helpers out.
  2. Ask someone to help you.
  3. Follow the directions from ScotchBlue Painters tape when painting on textured walls.
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