Last Minute Thanksgiving Favors: Pretzel Turkey’s and Cornucopia Cones

Last Minute Ideas

Do you need an easy, cute Thanksgiving favor for your guests?
Do you need something to entertain busy youngsters?
Do you just want to make something fun?
I was in charge of the favor this year. So the kids and I got on Pinterest and started searching. 
We decided on Pretzel Turkey’s and Cornucopia Cones.
They looked easy enough so we went to work.

Things you will need:

Candy eyes
Yellow or Orange M&M’s
Candy corns
Round pretzels
Chocolate Kisses or Rolos

We found a cute little video on how to make Turkey Preztels. Everything was going great until….
The chocolate did not melt… it crumbled. It was baked and tasted a little burnt.
The instructions on the video said to put chocolate on pretzel and place in the oven… 
350 degrees for 5 min.
I thought it sounded too hot.
And it was.  
Now to be fair… it could just be my oven. I had been baking so the oven was already warn and I think it is dying. It is not the most reliable when it comes to times and temperatures.
We didn’t give up however. Back to Pinterest I went to compare temperatures for softening chocolate.
Times were all different but…
I thought 200 degrees for 3 minutes was a good place to start.
It was perfect.
hint: do in small batches unless you have a couple of helpers. If you have too many turkeys to build the chocolate will set before you are finished adding the candy.
On to our Cornucopia Cones.
Things you will need:
Sugar or Waffle cones
 I followed Paper Turtle instructions, using steam. It worked great! You can see in my picture…It took me a few times to get the shape I wanted. 
Fill with you favorite fall candy and decorate your table.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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