DIY: Recovered Trailer Cushions

I love a challenge! I have a co-worker who purchased and older camping trailer. She and her husband decided that it was a little out dated for their tastes so they decided to redecorate. They had a quote to recover the cushions and choked at the price.  I choked at the price.  She knows that I sew, so a couple of days later she asked me if I could do it and how much I would charge.  I told her I could do it and gave her the price which was considerably less. I was on the job.


trailer cushions3

The cushions were in good shape so I was able to reuse the foam and batting inside as well as the zippers. I took them apart and used one of each size as a pattern.  As I picked out the stitches I also learned how to put it back together.

trailer cushions 5

The new fabric was a beautiful multi colored brocade type material. Very durable, which is really good she has two young children.  They were very kind to me as well, the same fabric front and back and no piping.  They turned out beautiful and make such a huge change to the inside of their trailer along with the paint, new floor and blinds that they installed.   It was a great learning experience for me and gave me courage to tackle larger projects.


trailer cushions 2


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