Shabby Shelf

It is amazing what can happen when you put simple items together. This Shabby Shelf was made from an antique frame and scraps of wood. Some new and some from the garage.

shelf 3b

It was time! The half bath on the main floor needed a new look. Well that being true, the real story is that the toilet tank seal started leaking and John said “I  have to take off the tank to repair it. It would be a really good time to paint the bathroom. So I jumped at the chance to change.

It’s new look was inspired by the antique window that I had, that had been leaning against the wall for a couple of years. What a great towel rack. I add a couple of antique looking nobs, thank you Hobby Lobby, for towel hooks and thus it began.  We took out a small cabinet above the toilet and this Shabby Shelf is what went in its place.

We found this great old frame at the local antique shop.shelf 1

John made some measurements and designed a simple shelf to place in the frame like a picture.

shelf 2

We didn’t want any nails showing so out came the heavy duty wood glue.

shelf 3a

It is my favorite item in my bathroom makeover.



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