Camping Crafts

We love to go camping with the grandchildren. I always carry a box full of different supplies just for our camping grafts. There are always those lazy warm afternoons in between hiking, lunch, going to the lake, bike rides, etc., that the kids want to do something and parents/grandpa, want to take a nap.

We had to cancel some of our other vacations due to COVID-19. As a result we were happy for a little longer camping trip this Summer. We went well prepared.

My daughters and I brought lots of craft supplies to help entertain the troops and we all had a blast making a variety of crafty things.

Who would have thought that pom poms, or puff balls as the kids call them, would be so popular.

We didn’t stop with pom pom critters, we made foam animals as well.

Thanks to Pinterest we were able to find lots of ideas, monkeys, unicorns, dragons, cats and much more.

Besides animals we made felt camp journal covers thanks to the cute patterns at Bareroots.

We made corner origami bookmarks that look like monsters…

and para-cord bracelets. Some of the kids had 4 or 5 of them up their arms. We had a great time being creative and keeping kiddos busy.

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