New Creative Baking

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a different year. I have a love hate relationship with the being home more thing. The hate issues … well there is only really one and I won’t go into that, but I have loved that the time has been more quality time. It is amazing how much time I saved shopping online. As a result it made time for new creative baking. In past years with the rush of shopping and sewing my baking was good but nothing special. But this year…I had fun.

First was Gingerbread men. My husband’s favorites and he really doesn’t like frosting so they are plain clothes.


Sugar cookies are my son’s favorite and they usually just a quick frost and sprinkles. I even played with a new Royal Icing.

Last but not least…

Buche de Noel. I made one of these 20+ years ago but not this ornate. Mary Catherine had been playing with French Macarons. She taught me how to make them and we improvised on them for the mushrooms. They are a little big but that’s how we learn.

This year I learned to better budget my time and it was fun! Next year there will be more new creative baking ideas to be discovered.

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