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I think all little girls need frilly bows! So for a little girl I know, who is turning 2 years old, I set out to make a birthday gift. I’m hoping she will channel all her terrible 2 energy into terrorizing her mother or anything other than pulling her pretty bows out of her hair.

I’m still a beginner when it comes to creating hair bows. My first lesson was at a Relief Society Enrichment Meeting. I only remember two tips; use elastic thread, not wire and wave the ribbon ends over a flame to stop them from unraveling. I’ve learned a little from reading and looking at pictures online. There are many, many pictures and tutorials online but today when I went looking for one I couldn’t find one I really liked. So I decide to see what I could come up with on my own. Since I was making a gift I thought I better make at least one I knew would look good. I’ve made the pinwheel bow before so I knew that was safe and cute. The pink and white bow came from just playing with ribbon. I took pictures for my future reference. Maybe they will be helpful to someone else too.

ribbon 7/8 ” and 5/8″
needle and thread
elastic thread
glue gun
small alligator clip
Pin 7/8″  ribbon layers the width you want the bow and stitch down the center. Pull the thread to gather ribbon.

Wrap elastic thread around gathered bow, tie tight.

Cut a 5″ piece of 5/8″ ribbon. Tie knot.

Hot glue knot to bow covering elastic thread. Wrap ribbon around bow.

Hot glue alligator clip to bow. Make sure flat side of alligator clip will be against head.

Trim extra ribbon.

Last quickly wave ribbon ends over a flame. No more unraveling ribbon ends.

For my next creation I want to make curly ribbon bows. I’m going to need more ribbon for that one and I’ll need to borrow mom’s knitting needles. Do I have you curious?


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