Fondant Fun!!

Birthdays are very celebrated in our family.  We have celebrations with my family and celebrations with Patrick’s family.  This means that I get to make two cakes for Savannah each year.  As these celebrations were drawing near I went through some very tough decisions like what kind of cake to make?  How am I going to decorate it?  Cakes should be decorated for birthdays in my opinion.  So, I began to think.  I’m not sure what made me make this decision, but I made it, I wanted to decorate cake with fondant.  I have never played with fondant before, ever.  My knowledge of fondant included:  It looks really cool on cake, my father says it tastes nasty, and you can mold it into many different shapes.  I decided to dive right in anyways.

I found a marshmallow fondant recipe and went out and bought marshmallows, powdered sugar, and fancy food coloring.  I used the following recipe: (which I found on several sources, including here and here)
16 ounces mini marshmallows
4 tbsp water
2 pounds (about 8 cups) powdered sugar
This recipe is on several more sites some with a few variations, the directions can also be found on those sites.  I set off to make fondant.  It was a bit messy at first and my kitchen had a nice layer of powdered sugar, but it turned out well and I had no problems with it. I set out to make a bow, a loopy-gift-wrapping type bow… It did not end well….  So, I decided a simpler route would be best.  Just a bow.  No fluff or frills, just a nice bow.  It turned out much better.  The cake was lovely and everyone loved it.

This of course was only party number one.  I still had a second party and cake to do.  So, I dove in for bow number two, I was determined to get a big loopy-gift-wrapping type bow.  (I took more pictures this time)

Here is the start of bow on the pan.  I decided a multi-colored bow would be lots of fun.  I decided to follow the directions found here.  I realized halfway through that taking pictures while doing this for the first time was near impossible.

I got the bow assembled without too much difficulty.  The candy melts did harden a little faster than I would have liked for the initial layer of ribbons, but it turned out pretty well for my second attempt.  Definitely better than the first loopy-bow attempt.

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I got the bow on the cake and to the party, almost in one piece.  I learned just how fragile fondant can be as well.  I had a couple of my ribbon loops break as I put it on the cake.  Good thing I had a few extras and lots of candy melts to “glue” them into the bow.  From the picture no one can tell I had to perform surgery on my bow at the last minute.  I received a lot of stares from the family with, “you made that?”  I keep reaffirming their suspicions that I am crazy.

Parties were fun, but it sure is nice to have them done.  I have put the fondant away for a while, I would like to go back to doing more sewing and spending time with my sweet little birthday girl.

Mary Catherine

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