Nanaimo Bars

I was first introduced to Nanaimo Bars last year after my parents returned from a trip to Canada.  Patrick, my husband, was so excited!  Having spent two years in Canada he knew of their deliciousness.  Well, after just one bite, I understood why.  They were wonderful and rather unique; part cookie part candy and made with custard powder(before now, unheard of).  My parent’s found the recipe while visiting the city of Nanaimo.  They bought some custard powder to bring home and make bars for everyone.  They gave me a container of custard powder too, so I could make Nanaimo bars for Patrick.  Which I had not done to this point.

Well, with this weekend being Memorial Day, we of course barbecued with family.  Having both sets of parents in the same valley is good and bad, it means double parties for all holidays and double the calories.  It is not unusual for Patrick’s parents to ask me to bring dessert when we party with them, so when they asked I decided we needed something new.  Something I had never taken there before.  As they are always extremely impressed by whatever I bring, I like to make sure it really is something special.  While searching my pantry for ideas, I came across the custard powder and on came the light bulb.  Nanaimo Bars!  Of course!  It was perfect!  I called my mom for the recipe and I was off.

Having never made anything like them before I wondered the entire time if I was doing it right… I still do not know if I did it all completely correctly.  But a pound of butter and a night in the refrigerator later, they taste amazing(if I do say so myself).  They were a hit at the party and everyone wanted the recipe, which can be found on Nanaimo City’s website, above the recipe are some facts about the Nanaimo bar, and its mysteries.

They are definitely becoming a favored treat at our house.  I am sure they will be requested at future family parties as well.

Mary Catherine

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