Quilting Adventures

As I have started sewing more and more and making quilt tops, I decided it was time to learn how to quilt on my machine.  I have quilted or helped quilt several quilts by hand,they are beautiful but very time consuming and the frames can take up a lot of space.  I can’t always afford to send my quilts to a quilter either.  My mom and sister both have quilted things themselves, so I decided it was my turn to try.  During the Shop Hop this year I bought my free motion quilting foot, I asked every question I could think of and watched my mom quilt a few times and I was ready to try it myself.

1. I sewed together some of the pieces of fabric I got for free during the shop hop for the top. a single piece for the back, and some extra batting I had lying around.

2. Using a trick my mom taught me about keeping the back from getting too lumpy and bumpy I taped the backing fabric down before layering the other two on and saftey pinning them together.

3.  I set my machine tension at 7 (mom said to… no need for trial and error here), put the dog feed things down and started quilting.

This was not the hardest thing to do, in fact it was easy and really fun!  I am not the greatest when it comes to judging distances, so I used my frixon pen and drew several patterns that I wanted to try and kept sewing, I did try some stippling (meandering?) just sewing to sew and get the feel for the machine.  Here are some pictures of how things came out.

I have a baby blanket I am about to put together and quilt, when it’s done I will have an update to my quilting adventure.

Mary Catherine
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