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 In my kitchen/great room I had this small quite useless set of shelves. They were really to small for most books and ended up collecting whatever.


 In the process of remodeling my kitchen (which will be another post) I decided that I was tired of this space and my husband and I came up with the idea of
 “Message Center”.
John really dislikes magnets and other stuff on the refrigerator, so it had to be magnetic and I thought
 it would be fun to have a chalkboard.
We decided to combined the two.
He carefully removed the shelves and patched up any holes, made a list and went to “Home Depot” (his favorite store).
The magnetic chalkboard was easy. We bought  a large piece of sheet metal trimmed it to size and spray painted it with black chalkboard paint, (Rust-o-leum, they have great stuff). We glued it on the wall and framed it with small molding.  Above and below the chalkboard  John covered the walls with Bead Board. We found some great black iron baskets and hung them on the wall to hold coupons, magazines, etc. to keep them from collecting on the counters.

We found this great word art sign on our Seaside,OR weekend, and hung it in the empty spot at the top. It fits our family and gave the finishing touches. Oh, I can’t forget, the space on the floor is the perfect size for the cat’s water and food dishes.

It was a fun and easy project.

Mary Ellen

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