Painted Floor Tutorial

What do you do when your cat gets sick
all over your light colored carpet while
you’re on vacation and stains it?

Well this happened to us. We didn’t want to re-carpet and couldn’t really afford the wood floor, that will eventually come, so we ripped out the carpet and painted the floor. Now this was not a new concept in our family we did it once before in another house.

In the last house it was a cement floor, this time it was just the plywood floor that seems to be under every carpet. In the planning of this project I looked and looked for some help and didn’t find much all in one place, thus this tutorial to maybe help others.

We enjoy our floor and hope this will help you.

Mary Ellen

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2 thoughts on “Painted Floor Tutorial

  1. I painted my kitchen/breakfast nook floor when the vinyl had been torn when an appliance repair person moved our refrigerator! It was a cement floor. I wanted smaller grout lines than the blue painter’s tape would allow, so I found quilter’s tape at my local craft store, which is just 1/4 inch wide – perfect! The floor looked beautiful for 8 years. It was only when we decided to recover all of the floors in our home that we covered the painted floor! Thanks for the great tutorial! I think just about anyone can do this. The main thing to remember is to keep your tape lines straight!

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