Window Makeover

From “Boring” to “What a difference” 
This is our family room window makeover.  We have a kitchen family room, great room 
so when one gets remodeled the other one does as well.
 I made these Roman Shades over 10 years ago when we moved into the house. They have put up a good fight against rain, wind, cold, heat, but mostly the sun coming in from the west.  They are just worn out and besides they don’t match the decor of the new kitchen. 
Our new look is much more light and airy.  We designed the shelf/curtain rods to maximize the view of outside when the curtains are open and close off the sun when closed. We tried really hard to buy things on sale.  Thank you JoAnn’s fabric store for great sales and coupons. Our big find was the curtain rods, $50.00 rods on clearance for $14.97 each.  Made it a lot easier to throw away the fancy ends that we didn’t need.
We are quite sentimental, family antiques and things that belonged to our parents and grandparent are treasures to us and will be housed on the shelf. There are a few there now, with more to come.
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10 thoughts on “Window Makeover

  1. the fancy ends I would of not thrown away. I would of donated them; one mans junk is another man’s treasure. Also they could of been used outside to trim off a birdhouse or even small fence post to make an accent wall in a garden. That is okay because I have not seen window treatment like this and I really like them. Did you use closet rod holders to hold the rods in place? What a great idea, and you have curtains and a fun focal point, thank you.

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