Last Minute Gift in Minutes

I have an acquaintance whose wife just a had a baby girl after two boys.  
He is so proud of her and shows new pictures every time I see him. 
Out of the blue I decided that I wanted to make something for the baby.  I love to make gifts.  So I set out to see what was in my stash of fabric and so
 forth that I could make a nice gift.  

A number of years ago I purchased several very soft fleece receiving blankets at a yard sale that were brand new with blanket stitching around the outside edge. Great!  I had a white one.  It’s a girl I couldn’t use the blue or green that I had as well.  I have a book with several patterns that are perfect for babies.  

I chose a Happy Sun to applique and started sorting through my flannel 
scraps for soft colors that might work.  

In about 90 minutes from start to finish I had this cute receiving blanket finished and I love it when I can use up my stash.  It makes room for more.

Just a note, soft fleece goes on sale often.  For a great price you can purchase a yard and blanket stitch the outside edge to have on hand for when you need a quick baby gift.

I am giving it to him tomorrow.

Mary Ellen

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