Kitchen Remodel Part #2

When the island was complete and looked so great we were anxious, but nervous to start the next step, the stove wall.  Because we were reusing most of the existing cabinets, to tackle this wall meant taking apart basically the rest of the kitchen and still be able to function in it.
There was a lot more demolition, wiring and so on in this portion. John moved plugs  and wired so we could have lights above as well as under the counter. We hung onto the stove for as long as possible, it was going to be replaced by a counter top stove and a double wall oven.  This part of the project started in August and the goal was to have it completed and ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner.
Along with the cabinets from the kitchen we were able to use the cabinets taken from the master bath a couple of years before.  They were the same size style and height.  We did have to construct a few new cabinets as well.  A Cabinet to house the new bigger hood, the wall ovens and a small shelf by the sliding glass door, just for decor. We refinished the old cabinets and finished the
new ones using a wonderful product called
Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations.  It was so easy to use and did a beautiful job.
I think the hardest decision we had was the back splash.  We tossed so many ideas around but none of them seemed to be just right.  Then John came home from a doctor visit and said, “I saw this great idea in a magazine in the doctors office. What about bead board?” It was the perfect answer. It gave us that bit of country look and we had already used it on the island.  We found our back splash.
It was close but we accomplished our goal.  The granite counter top was installed  the week before Thanksgiving and the wall ovens the Saturday before.
This project took a lot of time but well worth it.
I love every inch of my new kitchen and am looking forward to the final wall to be finished.
That will be coming soon.
Mary Ellen
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8 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Part #2

  1. Reusing most of the existing cabinets while taking apart the kitchen must have been a daunting task, but you managed it so well. The addition of lights above and under the counter, and the clever use of cabinets from the master bath, shows your resourcefulness.

  2. Taking apart the kitchen and reusing most of the existing cabinets was a daunting task, but you did it well. Adding lighting above and below the counter and knowing how to use the master bathroom cabinets will show your creativity.

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