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I have decided that I am just old fashioned.  Oh, I love the my computer and my cell phone but when it comes to putting things on a calendar, just give me a date book. 
I have tried calendaring  on my phone and by the time I get it typed in with my big fingers and the fact that I am old school and have to spell correctly and use punctuation, I can write in date book so much faster. 
But I even have issues with some of those. Size of binder, writing space and next year having to buy all new because they don’t make the same size anymore.  So I decided to make my own. 
 I have a wonderful program called “Scrapbook Factory Deluxe”, it allows me to make just about anything.  I love it.  I had a friend show me her date book a few years ago and I liked the layout.  
Here is my date book layout. 

The pages are intentionally not dated so I can use the same page for each month and year after year.  Each page shows a week at a time with space to write each day.  I don’t have such a full agenda that I need more space than this.  I printed the pages with a variety of backgrounds on presentation paper so it would hold up longer and chose a simple pattern for my cover pages.

I took the printed pages in the order to my local “Staples” store and had it spiral bound with clear plastic covers to protect front and back  for less than $4.00.  

At the beginning of each month I printed a month at a glance calendar so I can do just that, 
see the month at a glance.  

I already have an idea as what to add to next years book.
Mary Ellen

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14 thoughts on “Make Your Own Date Book

  1. This book is awesome! I can’t wait to make one for myself, yours looks great!! I would love it if you linked this (and other projects) up on my Motivate Me Monday linky party!

  2. That is a pretty awesome date book! I had never heard of “Scrapbook Factory Deluxe,” but it looks like it isn’t available for Apple — bummer.

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