Antique Door Quilt Shelf

I love antiques and I love quilting. Why not put them together and create beautiful home decor.
 Our inspiration came from a shelf we saw at a Flea Market. I might have purchased it but it was the wrong color and too small. Suddenly we were shopping for an old door. No doors at the Flea Market but we did find and purchased a great reproduction door knob.

Several second  hand and antiques stores later we found the perfect door. 
And guess what? The door knob was perfect for it. 

The door was in such good shape that all we did was sand off any roughness and put a 
clear finish to protect the cracks and any bare wood. 
John sawed it in half and made a
 basic box using the doors pieces for the sides. 

I was really picky about the moldings that were to be put on the top and bottom but we finally came up with a compromise. Some purchased and some home made, and the crown was left from our kitchen redo. We made shelves out of leftover plywood and faced each with small molding.  

The hardest part was finding paint to match, which we didn’t. We found a paint that was close from the Heritage Collection at Lowe’s and then ruffed it up and antiqued it to help give it that aged look.
It wasn’t perfect but pretty close.
Home decor, quilt shelf, antique door shelf
The door knob came with 2 skeleton type keys and the grand kids think they are great to play with. (I tied them to the knob with a ribbon so they won’t get lost.)

Now I have a great place to store and display my quilts that are not being used elsewhere in the house.

I love it. Now I have to redecorate around it. That will be fun!
Mary Ellen

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9 thoughts on “Antique Door Quilt Shelf

  1. Love your quilt shelf MaryEllen – great idea! I love how you used the cherry side of the door for the interior and the moldings are perfect.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  2. That turned out really nice MaryEllen. Old doors are the best wood that you can find anywhere. Love the crown molding … just perfect.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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