Frozen Birthday Cake

 Frozen themed bithday cake idea at #frozenbirthdaypartycake #frozenbirdayparty
My daughter like so many other little girls loves the move Frozen. She can be found most days singing “Let It Go” at the top of her longs while pretending to freeze her brother.  She used to pretend she was a princess – well now she’s a queen. She is queen Elsa and don’t even thinks of demoting her to princess ever again.

Frozen themed bithday cake idea at #frozenbirthdaypartycake #frozenbirdayparty
So when it was time to plan her birthday cake I wasn’t surprised when she asked for a Frozen cake.  We looked on Pinterest together to find ideas. I had a simple pretty cake in mind. She want the three-layer masterpiece only the Cake Boss could pull off. I had to explain to my little princess… I mean Queen that mommy only makes little, easy cakes. She settled for an ice palace cake.
We used:
Waffle cones covered in frosting and sugar sprinkles for the towers.
Rock Candy suckers for ice towers.
Wilton Candy Melts for snow flakes.
 Sugar Sprinkles for sparkle.
Light-blue and White Butter Cream Frosting
Frozen themed bithday cake idea at #frozenbirthdaypartycake #frozenbirdayparty
Snow flakes are super easy. Melt the candy melts following directions. I used the microwave. Then I poured the melts into a squeeze bottle. Cover a baking sheet with wax paper. Start drawing little snow flakes. I tried to vary sizes, but the flakes under 2 inches worked best.  Now the secret –
Let the candy melts set in the freezer. They are so much easier to handle.
Tip: Make lots – you will break a few. All the extras and broken pieces can be used for you next project. 
Frozen themed bithday cake idea at #frozenbirthdaypartycake #frozenbirdayparty
The flakes with the longer tale were a lot of fun. First be sure to make the tale a little thicker the the flakes. When your ready to insert into the cake – prep a hole with a tooth pick.
Attach the other snowflakes with dot of the melted candy melts.
Frozen themed bithday cake idea at #frozenbirthdaypartycake #frozenbirdayparty
My little queen loved it. I wanted a Queen Elsa cake topper. I had seen little figurine style  Elsa dolls at the store and thought they would work perfect. Of course I put off that purchase until just few days before I need it. Do you think I could find one? Of course not! The really bad part was we put off buying the Big Birthday Surprise too. My daughter really wanted an Elsa dolly. I couldn’t find one of those either. Needless to say her parents felt like real losers.
Frozen themed bithday cake idea at #frozenbirthdaypartycake #frozenbirdayparty
We still had a great birthday party.
I hope you enjoyed our Frozen Cake.
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14 thoughts on “Frozen Birthday Cake

  1. Love this cake and my daughter would absolutely love it too! That is unless a new Disney movie comes along and becomes her new obsession before her birthday, lol.

  2. Love this!! We did a Frozen party too and had such a wonderful time!! I haven’t had time to blog about it yet, but it was so fun. A lot of work. I love your cake. It turned out just beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

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