Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake

Turtle birthday Cake 2

 I found myself wanting to ask you, “Do you remember Ninja Turtles?”

Then I laughed because Turtles are back… they’re here…they never left – I’m not sure.  My kids just discovered them and think they are sooo cool. I remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons with my brothers. I loved those crazy pizza loving turtles. We sang the Turtle title song every episode and cringed at some of the gross things they ate on their pizza. Then after watching everything was “dude” and “cowabunga.”(ahh the 80’s) I don’t know why but Michelangelo was always my favorite turtle. Did you watch Turtles? Please tell me I’m not alone. Did you have a favorite?

My son doesn’t have a favorite turtle… yet.  He just wants to be a Ninja Turtle so he can have pizza every night. Birthdays at our house are a big deal, but we do not go crazy. This year it would have been so much easier to just go visit a bakery, but I didn’t. I stayed with tradition. We try to keep birthdays pretty simple. Great, but simple.  My not so little guy wanted a Lego Turtle Cake for his birthday. I try really hard to make a special cake the way my kiddos want it, even if I have to reach outside of my comfort zone and learn something new. But I didn’t know how to pull this one off. So I decide to cheat just a little bit and top the cake with Turtle Legos. I saw a couple of small Lego sets when I was at the store and thought perfect. But because said birthday boy was with me I didn’t buy the Legos. BIG MISTAKE, BIG – HUGE. I procrastinated too long and when I went back the small sets were all gone.(grrrr!) I already had is birthday present so buying the large set just didn’t make sense. So I’m wondering the store mentally kicking myself for waiting too long and trying to think of a plan B.

I ended up back in the toy section looking at Turtle figures. Turtle cake topper worked, but it need something else. So off the the frozen food section for what Turtles and my guy love most of all PIZZA. I think plan B turned out okay…so did the Birthday Boy! (phew)

Hope you enjoy our Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake.


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