Prehistoric 40th Birthday Party

40th Prehistoric but Not Extinct Birthday Party

I had fun planning my husbands 40th Birthday Party. I didn’t want an “Over the Hill” birthday party with black balloons and “RIP” cupcakes. I wanted it to be fun – not mean. So when I found the phrase, “Prehistoric but not extinct” I new we were going to have Dinosaurs at our party.

The kids thought that was a great idea.

Prehistoric 40th Birthday Party at

We had to tease him a little bit – he is the birthday boy.

If was hard finding decorations. I guess I waited too long to shop – I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted but we made it work. I wanted a Birthday Banner, but I’m sure you know custom banners are expensive. So I made one. I am not a great artist. I did not freehand this sign. I went to my trusty computer and printed out the lettering I wanted and started tracing. I love how it turned out.

Prehistoric 40th Birthday Party at

Prehistoric 40th Birthday Party at

I know it’s a strange assortment of snack foods but the Birthday boy got to pick. I don’t think he got to eat any of it. Everyone else thought they good snacks too.

Prehistoric 40th Birthday Party at

We also had fun putting this Candy Gram together. My son loved “Do your bones Crunch?” He still loves to ask his dad this question. Sorry Hun!

Valcano Cake at

The cake was a bit tricky to make. I used a large Pyrex bowl and a round cake pan to make the cake. I thought a heavy cake would hold up better for my Volcano so I used our Marble Pound Cake recipe. My inspiration came from this fun video tutorial, by My Cupcake Addiction.

The best part was the steaming volcano surprise. Sorry I didn’t grab my camera quick enough – I promise it looked really cool. There are great instructions for the dry ice in the video.

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