Triple Treat Sherbet

We love to get together as a family and eat. It is a simple fact. Our family loves food! During the summer we love a good barbecue and Labor Day  is kind of  a last big hurrah for the summer.  We try to make homemade ice cream a couple of times each summer and Labor Day was our last opportunity.  No vanilla custard, this time.   We made another less used favorite.  This Triple Treat Sherbet recipe is one we have had for years but don’t make very often.  It’s a little tart, but very fruity.

triple treat 2


We have an at least 30 year old hand crank ice cream freezer that helps with the fun at our family gatherings.  The kids come early to help crank.  When we are finished there a few tired arms.


Triple Treat Sherbet

2 12 oz packages frozen raspberries

3 bananas, mashed

3 oranges, juice and pulp

3 large lemons, juice and pulp

2 1/2 cups sugar

1 qt half and half


In a medium sauce pan over low heat, bring raspberries to a boil mashing and stirring with a potato masher.  Remove from heat and mash again.  Pour mashed berries through a strainer and using the back of a spoon, push berries through the strainer collecting the juice and pulp into  a bowl.  Cool.  Mix fruit pulp and juice with sugar.  Stir well.  Pour mixture into 6 quart ice cream freezer canister.  Add half and half, stir well to make sure sugar has dissolved.  Add milk to the canister until it is 2/3 full and mix well. Freeze according to the manufacture’s directions.

triple treat 3

As a variation we make ours with Marion Berries that we grow in our garden.  They give it just a little different taste but still has that tart sherbet flavor. Try it for your next family gathering.



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